Predator Remote Firework Ignition Systems can be bought and shipped anywhere in the world! Everyone who enjoys Fireworks NEEDS a Predator Remote Firework Ignition System. Predator removes some of the risks involved with lighting Fireworks. With this Detonation Device no longer will you have to stand over a Firework, look for the fuse, light a match or lighter and hope you have time to retreat to a safe distance.

Predator Infrared Remote Control


Predator Remote Fireworks Ignition System

With our Predator Firework Firing System you can ignite your entire family Firework display from a safe distance of up to 150 feet using the Infrared Transmitter and it's so easy to use. Each Predator Remote Firing System comes with enough connectors to fire 15 Fireworks, an Infrared Transmitter and a receiver making the Predator Firework Firing System the only reliable Remote Firework Ignition System for consumers wanting simple and safe family Firework displays.

When you need more connectors, simply visit our site and purchase as many Predator Refills as you need, as often as you need them.

It couples the enjoyment of being in control of the family Firework display with a safety aspect never seen before.

A Detonation Device only previously available to professional Pyrotechnic display's.

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Sky Lanterns!!
A great way for everyone at the party, event or celebration to join in the fun. Light them up, and let them float away. They're safe and easy to use. Watch them float higher and higher into the night sky!

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